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Notice of Danube Cross Swimming


Saturday 12.aug.2017




Date of the event:  12. aug. 2017 – saturday 14:00

Venue:  Dunabogdány Strand Street, beach at Gulyó bay

The race will be at Dunabodgány- Kis Duna ág

Structure of the event: individual start by categories and achieving the distance


• 12 – 18 age group (born between 2004.07.31.- 1998.07.31.)

• 19 – 99 age group (born after 2004.08.01)

• Amateur and professional swimmers can attend the event as well

Aim of the event:

  • promoting the swimming sport
  • Introducing the result and efficiency of the 10 year old Dunabogdány training pool
  • creating opportunity to overcome the physical and mental challenges 


Organizer: Dunakanyar Leisure-, Biking- and Hiking Association and Dunabodgány Council

Chaiman of the event: Nagy Balázs (DSZKTE elnöke)

Protectors of the Danube Cross Swimming: Dénes Kemény & Gergely Schuszter Mayor of Dunabogdány

Secretary of the event: Nagyné Zeller Zsuzsanna




Dunabogdány Község Önkormányzata – Dunabogdány council

Dunai Vízirendészeti Rendőrkapitányság, - Danube Water Police

 P.M.A. Pest Megyei Kutató-Mentő Szolgálat, - Pest County Search and Rescue special force

 Fővárosi Vízművek, - Budapest Waterworks

 Nemzeti Közlekedési Hatóság – National Transport Authority


  • Registration fee on the spot: 4.000 Ft/capita (For bogdany citizens as well))
  • Pre registration fee: 2.000 Ft/capita (untill sun day,24.00-31/07/2016)
  • Pre registration fee for Bogdany citizens: 1.000 Ft/Capita
  • Registration is free for disabled person
  • Mx 600 participants can attend the event. No more application is acceptable.

Pre-registration deadline: 31 July 2017. (Sunday 24.00)

Form of registration:

• On line filled registration form at and payment of the registration fee  

Payment by transfer:

Name:  Dunakanyar Szabadidős és Kerékpáros Túra Egyesület

Bank: Dunakanyar Takarékszövetkezet

Bank account number: 64700014-16697827


Please note the swimmer name, date of born, and  text “duna atuszas”.

• In person: At the venue between 12:00 and 13:30 (12. Aug 2017)

• The incomplete form is not accepted so the registration is invalid.

• The registration for Persons for certificated disabilities is free

On-site registration fee:

The registration fee must be paid by cash at on the spot. The registration form has to be filled in on the spot as well.

The registration fee includes all the terms and equipment for the cross swimming and all the finisher will get a pack of presents.

On-site registration: On the race day all the participants must register (pre and online as well) at the entry point (tent) latest 13.30 where the starting kit will be handed over as well.  

Shoes and slippers: Can be hand over to the organizers in a numbers bag, just before the start inside the start zone

Agenda of the event 

  • Opening ceremony 13.45
  • Start of the first group at  14:00l
  • The track can be seen on the attached document da_2016_mentesi_terv.pdf
  • Start will be in the group due to security reasons
  • All participants act under the advice and order of the special search and rescue force ensuring the competition.
  • In case of strong backwash the swimmer out of the line will be taken by the security boat.
  • After cross swimming 1000 meter walk is needed to the start of the back swim has the same security as the cross swim
  • No official timing – this is not a race
  • The walk after the cross swim must be done in a slipper or shoe
  • The round transport of the shoes will be done by the organizers.
  • At the end of the event hot food will be served
  • Each participant gets memorial card



•Swimming zone: The area will be indicated with green color. The participants must stay within this area.

•Out zone: Person entering to this zone will be taken off immediately and will be dismissed from the race.

•Shoe or slipper must be used after the arrival during the walk at the finish bank of the river.

•The walking distance is not allowed to be executed by running due to safety reasons. Organizers can dismiss the person acting like that.

•Only 500 persons can participate.

•All participants act under the advice and order of the special search and rescue force ensuring the competition.

•Not appropriate and acceptable behavior (especially alcohol and drug influence) result immediate dismissal from the race.

•During the cross swimming all the applicable law and regulation will be followed to ensure the safety of guest and participants.

•All the participants and entries take part of the cross swimming on their own risk.

Parking possibilities:

Due to summer season beside the beach the parking lots are quite full therefore other lots will be opened.

Ways to the venue:

•By car: Road 11 and within the village please follow the indicator signs

•Public transport: From Szentendre HEV station bus line 890 and 880 will take you to Dunabogdány. The bus stop name is „Dunabogdány Községháza” where you have to get off.


  • •Clothes changing opportunity will be at the Community house in the group changing room.
  • There will be a long nice beach available for the visitors.
  • At the beach use of tent is allowed,
  • During night you can sleep at the tent of the organizers tent.
  • There is food court around the beach
  • Sanitaire facilities will be available
  • At the beach area for kids are separated with buoys
  • Beach soccer and volleyball are available
  • The registered participants will get other detailed information like: preparation tips, changing cloths area details, details of the way to the venue, water temperature, swimming technics in rivers etc
  • Evening programs will be offered for those who stays the night at Dunabogdány

 We are looking forward seeing you

Balázs Nagy















  Szúnyog Vendeglő








Visegrádi Bobpálya


Herr Cukrászda


 Dunabogdányi Vízi Sport Egyesület